Discover Solar Power with Pillar Exteriors

Increase home value with our expert solar installation services!

Embrace the Sun’s Power with Solar Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun is more than an environmental statement—it’s a smart financial move. Pillar Exteriors is proud to offer top-tier solar panel installations, providing you with a clean, renewable source of energy that not only powers your home but also offers significant savings on energy bills.

Why Choose Solar Panels?

  1. Sustainability: Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity without emitting harmful pollutants, helping you contribute to a greener planet.
  2. Energy Savings: Reduce your dependence on the grid and cut down on your monthly utility expenses. Many Nebraska homeowners see a return on investment for solar within just a few years.
  3. Increased Home Value: Homes equipped with solar energy systems often enjoy higher property values and appeal more to prospective buyers.

Our Solar Installation Process

Pillar Exteriors makes transitioning to solar power seamless and stress-free:

Free In-Home Consultation

Our experts assess your energy needs and roof space to determine the best setup for your home.

Design and Planning

We tailor a solar system that maximizes your energy production and aligns with your home’s aesthetics.

Professional Installation in Nebraska and Iowa

Our certified installers ensure your panels are set up correctly, all with minimal disruption to your daily life.

On-Going Support

We provide maintenance tips and support to ensure your system continues to function efficiently over the years.

Financial Incentives and Benefits

Investing in solar technology has never been more affordable. Take advantage of federal tax credits, state rebates, and local incentives that can significantly reduce the upfront costs of solar panels. Our team at Pillar Exteriors will guide you through the available financial benefits, helping you maximize your investment.

Ready to Power Your Home with Solar Energy?

Join the millions of Americans who are lowering their energy bills and improving their homes with solar power. Contact Pillar Exteriors today at 402-919-ROOF to schedule your free consultation and learn how solar panels can make a difference in your life and for the environment.

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